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        We, teachers of English from Lotfi, M’rah and El Khawarismi High Schools, would like to thank the country coordinator, Miss Kheira Mezough, for her efforts in making our project start. She gave us assistance and help right from the beginning and oversaw us with special care.

        Our project progressed as follows:

We had four meetings; two in February and two in March. We eventually missed two weeks because we were all busy with exams.  

        On Tuesday, February12th we had our first meeeting at Colonel Lotfi High School. We agreed on working hours, choice of participants and administrative procedures such as informing the headmasters of the three schools about the project and getting parents' permission for students to participate in the project.

         On Tuesday, February19th; we held a second meeting at El Khawarizmi. Both teachers and students were very pleased to have the country coordinator taking part in the meeting. As students are from different schools , they had time to know each other, had a clear idea about "Civic Education" the theme they are going  to deal with, and take a decision about  the choice of a sub- theme from the four given:" Civics/ Future Citizen Project / Local History project / World Youth News" . World Youth News was their chosen theme. The coordinator then proceeded to the e-mail subscription and membership to "iEARN". She showed them the site and gave them some advice.

        Tuesday, March5th at Colonel Lotfi: We had a seminar with our inspector. Late in the afternoon, we seized the opportunity to fix some unclear points with the country coordinator who gave us forms for students to fill in. She also gave us some recommendations and advice.

       Tuesday, March11th :  We went to newspapers’ offices such as "Le Quotidien", " La voix de l'Oranie" and "Chourouk". The aim was to request a visit for the group. As they were to be journalists in the project, we just thought that if on the spot, they can have an idea on how a newspaper works, have a clear view, advice and tips from real journalists. We also had  to decide on the date of the visit. We are also planning a visit to the Theatre of Oran on Wednesday 20th March.

       Tuesday, March12th at M'rah High School: This meeting was in a way a starting point to our project for we found the working place very agreeable .  Our aim was to create a working space for students' newspaper and amazingly it was the right one. 

the working space includes:

  1. a room
  2. a white board with magnets to stick their photos, reports, articles and anything related to their work
  3. a table to display things they work on
  4. laptops
  5. a printer
  6. a camera

The place fitted our expectations. We couldn't have found better! We had all these! All that we have is to put some order. We decided to do it later on for we had to do the following:

  1. create the newspaper staffers
  2. staff positions:  a) Editor in chief

                            b) Managing editor

                             c) Reporter

                             d) Photographer

                              e)Page designer

                              f) Webmaster

The members of the group can work interchangeably.

  1. Theme: Culture

Students were very glad to tackle this theme.   

  1. They have to work on music, theatre, cinema, sport, leisure, literature and art in general such as painting, sculpture and the like....
  2. They have to go on the spot: "Palais de la culture", " Le Theatre d'Oran", " The American Corner", " cinemas", "Le conservatoire".....etc.....

They can search for, interview, photograph and write articles on young musicians, writers ,poets, painters, sports champions......

They have to deal with culture through youth.

All in all they have to research stories, create content and publish original work!

We ended our meeting by taking some photos.

If I have to evaluate our progress in the project, I think it'll be 25 %. Everything is clear in students' minds but they haven’t brought concrete things yet. I've just given them time to work freely during spring holidays holidays.

Mrs A. Akmoun – Mrs L. Lakel – Mrs Y. Serradj

  • Hi dear colleagues, 
I'm so happy to see you on the photo with your students holding the newspapers. I find the theme of your project very interesting. I'm sure it will be a success. Good luck for the rest. 
chahrazed bougheddou

  • So happy to meet and know you; you seem to be very excited in preparing the project, my and my colleagues in Hammou Boutlelis school are living the same, we hope to do our best to make things work. 
Nacera Sahraoui

  • Hello dear colleages! Congratulations for all iEARNERs for the given opportunity to show what pupils of the Algerian educational system are able to do with the esteemed and helpful guidance of Mr Louznadji and Miss Mezough. You are doing quite a good job there; so go ahead and let's all work hard to make a successful presentation on the comming May 26th. Good luck for every body..
Belbachir Douniazed

- Proud of you too.  You managed to meet in the three different schools with students who do not know each other.  You have actually made the difference thanks to your skills and know-how. Impatient to attend the final presentations on May 26, 2013. Till then, keep it up!

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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