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  What we call a challenge was what happened on that Tuesday afternoon May 6th.

  We worked hard, very hard for the last two days before the [email protected] annual project presentation. Tuesday morning, two last rehearsals to make sure everything was ok.

At last, we were ready to join our peers. We were all satisfied and confident.

After the second group had finished their presentation, we stepped on the stage, and for the first few minutes things went right. The moment we started the slides display, big panic: They were all upside down, the video didn’t run,and we lost control of our work! How could that happen, precisely at that crucial moment? We couldn’t believe it! We tried and managed to finish our presentation as best as we could .

   No need to tell how we felt. What, all the efforts we had been making for two long weeks to be ready for that special day became useless? No way, it couldn’t end up like this! Later that afternoon, our teacher called Mr Louznadji who tried to comfort us. It was very nice of him; still we could not content ourselves with this. We suggested that we would fix things and present our project within the few next days. “With great pleasure, go ahead” out of Mr Louznadji’s mouth sounded like a big relief, we swear! We really love this ‘great’ man.

   When our English language teacher had said “Starting your project some weeks before the ‘D-day’ is a big challenge, sure you can make it?” We answered, “Yes, we CAN”. We dared because we cared. Indeed, we paired and shared and we made it. We were perfectly aware that time was short but we wanted it to be a modest contribution.

    This experience taught us a lot. We learnt how to collaborate, how to stand by each other, how to stick to each other, but above all, this experience taught us how to start it all over again when for some unexpected reasons, the work you spent days, months sometimes years to do, breaks into pieces.


      STAND UP, NEVER GIVE UP... takes its full meaning.

Mrs. Z. Belhachemi and her students.

Massinissa High School

Oran, Algeria