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We are pleased to participate and be [email protected]  members. We would like to describe what we are doing with our students in the fulfilment of our project. It is not an easy task , but thanks to your comments , critics and support , we are sure we will succeed .
On the twenty second of January, we were summoned for a meeting with our inspector at HamouBoutlelis High School. The meeting’s main theme was the American Algerian partnership dedicated to education. My colleague and I had to work on “Peace and Conflicts Resolution”. After a detailed explanation by our country coordinator Miss.KheiraMezough, we first felt confused, and even a bit afraid. It was our first participation in such a project. However, My colleague and I are known for our fervour and enthusiasm in every task o we embark in. We promptly started making researches on the net and examined the projects available on iEARN site to shape our approach and create our plan.
We selected twenty four students from different levels. All of them had outstanding grades in English. We explained the highlights of the theme of our project. Students proposed interesting ideas about peace in relation with the tragedy of terrorism Algeria went through during the nineties.  At that moment, we didn’t have enough information about the exact number of students who were supposed to take part in the project, or the methods students should adopt to work on peace as a theme for the project. Thanks to the country coordinator who was always present, either personally at the school on Tuesday afternoons, or through phone calls; we could get valuable information, and managed to realize a great leap then. My colleague and I invited the country coordinator Miss. Mezough to show her how students proceeded working and what they wanted to do. She suggested three topics: “Debunking Stereotypes”, “Public Art “and “kindered Family”. Our pupils agreed on the third topic. She actually liked the song of one of our students, advised us on the driving questions we wrote, and even provided us with a DVD on Human Rights that might help us in our project.
We still meet every Tuesday afternoon to check students’ progress and clarify things for them. Though the project work actually included only six pupils, the whole school knew about iEARN and their excitement was great as they actively participated in most stages of the project.
Untiringly and with buoyant cheerfulness, students rehearsed several times throughout four weeks before the final shots and videos were produced. Even our headmaster and the whole school staff helped us and facilitated the task, and we confess that without their support, many stages of our project could not have been reached.
Till now most of the work is done and the song is recorded. Our students look awesome with the logo of [email protected] and peace on their tee-shirts. They would have learned the play we worked on by the beginning of April. The only task we are working on is students’ participation into “Kindred Family “project which is our twin project.
 This project landed like a UFO in the middle of our school year. It brought a lot of joy, excitement and peace of course. It helped us adopt new ways of thinking and challenge our preconceived ideas about important issues. Most of all, this project created a new ‘peaceful’ sphere within our classrooms that dramatically improved the quality of the student-teacher interaction and relationship, and opened up a new dimension for the future.
We are all, students and teachers, excited and looking forward to presenting our project to the audience of [email protected] community.
iEARN-Algeria members
Hai Zitoun High School, Oran

Proud of all iEARN-Algeria community of Hai Zitoun High School. I actually appreciate the work already done. It is amazing! I also look forward the project presentation meeting. We will certainly spend exceptional moments with all the other schools' presentations. Keep up the good work.


Good news at the end of a long tiring school year.I feel hopeful when I see such commitment and devotion from colleagues like you who still believe in a better future for education.Congratulations: you managed to have a good relationship with students( which is not an easy task) ;you achieved an amazing project with" the collaboration of the whole school staff "UNBELIEVABLE ! Happy to know it is possible. Please,keep on the GREAT work.
Smaya Berrachedi
Your team achieved the highest significant contribution to [email protected] project success. I'm really impressed by your enthusiasm and deeply moved by your passionate devotion that I don't find the words to express my admiration for your accomplishment.It is simply WONDERFUL!
Thank you for the presentation you put into this effort, your dedication, hard work and excellence.
Hope you'll be inspiring many with your innovative thinking for years to come!
All the best!
Amina Akmoun
Thanks a lot for your encouraging comments. I and my collegue Fairouz Bekka are eager to present the work of our students we are so proud of to you all. 
Chahrazed bougheddou

That's amazing ! Frankly you've done a great job. I can see this projct as having such a powerful impcat , going beyond the taks it includes to being a basis for new perception of the relation teacher-student within our educational system...It offers a real up-to-date image about how things can be worked out at school....! Congratulations Great Team ...
Amar Belhadia

Hi dear colleagues , 
We felt encouraged when seeing your project and we got inspired too. This is the result of a collaborative work. We learn from each other and I am sure we are dealing with a great experience . Go ahead and good luck for all of us .

louiza Lakel

I'm a Middle School Ofsted inspector of English in Bejaia. I'm glad to know that such projects are taken in charge. As a matter of fact, we all are to take part in the reconstruction of Citizenship through teaching its key values.


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