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Green Economy

Students at Hammou Boutlelis High school continued what their school mates had started on April16, 2013 within [email protected], as a partner with YouthCaN international environmental club.

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Health and Education

The most challenging project was to collaborate with another school, and so did students from Alkhawarizmi and Adda Abdelkader High School.

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Peace Education

Demonstrating collabo
ration and team spirit, Massinissa High School students shared with their peers what they learned about peace.

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Empowring Women in Algeria

 Challenging the space limits , students from Sid Elbachir and Gdyel worked in collaboration also to challenge the time limits and link the past to the present through their creative work.

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Hope for Peace

Students from Colonel Lotfi High School, expressed their hope for peace through creative work in forms of a story and a song

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