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After two years of successful global collaboration through iEARN@lgeria projects and Chris Stevens Youth Network, we started to enlarge our community.

Four workshops were organized by 
iEARN@lgeria Country Coordinator, Ms. Kheira Mezough, jointly with ELT@lgeria webfounder, Mr. Mustapha Louznadji.

The main objectives are to involve more teachers and students in our future activities, to support e-learning and professional development as well as to engage students in meaningful and real life projects.

Click on each date below to see what we have done so far:

Hello iEARN friends in Algeria,

Thanks for sharing the wonderful achievements you have made. I loved the stories and photos for each of the dates/places where events took place.

In appreciation,


Ed Gragert
Washington, DC., USA

Hi ,

How wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing this amazing site. Wow! May was busy!!!

I am so enjoying looking through the photos and seeing all the energy and spirit of team-work that comes through so clearly among the [email protected] team.

I look forward to sharing this great link with others, and continuing to learn from Algerian educators and students in the iEARN projects.

Lisa Jobson.

iEARN-USA Chief Program Officer

Congratulations iEARN Algeria! 

With best regards from iEARN-Jordan

Khitam Al-Utaibi

Dear Algeria iEARNers,

We may walk slowly... but surely.... Your success is a lesson learned

Best regards
Samah AlJundi,
iEARN Syria

Hello iEARN Algeria!
Greetings and congratulations .
Have a big FUN with the best Family of iEARNers!

Marek Sawicki
iEARN Poland
Dear iEARNers in Algeria, 
Congratulations on your achievements. 
Hope that we will continue reading about your achievements in future.

Best Regards,
Mimoza and Jove
iEARN Macedonia
Good morning;
Maybe, it was 'a small step' for the participants at Mostaganem workshop, but it is surely 'a giant leap' for the educational sector in the Wilaya of Mostaganem as the PBL programme will bring a lot benefits to both teachers and students alike through the work and collaboration with [email protected] as well as the team of [email protected]

So, I must give 'special thanks' to
Mr. M. Louznadji and Miss K. Mezough. 

A. Bouhalla
Teacher trainer
Mostaganem, Algeria.