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     The presentation of our project "Health and Education"  has shown the best in everyone of us! One  big thank you to such wonderful students. They are the reason I come to work every day. They make my life a joy. They challenge me, get me sometimes angry, but make me also laugh and give loads of love. Over the year, we inevitably make a difference in each other lives.
     Tackling the project, I would like to thank  Ms. Fehim and Ms. Mecirdi without whom our project wouldn't have been realized.

These two great women  gave us of their time, resources and introduced us to young cancerous and visually impaired and blind youngsters. We discovered this invisible world to so many. We realized how amazing their attitude towards life just is. Their generous contribution erased their invisibility and went  beyond the visible for they provided inspiration and motivation sharing openly their lives. Their stories are touching beyond words because despite their disabilities, challenges, struggles, problems and pains ,they went far beyond what even they could ever imagine! I've always marveled Helen Keller's quote which says:" The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart", a powerful philosophy that applies so beautifully to our project, teaching and life.

Still, my students and would not be able to realize the project presentation  without the great collaboration of their peers from Adda Abdelkader High School, needless to talk about Mrs.Brahimi for her commitment and great cooperation.  

I would like to end by saying that if our achievements stand for anything , they stand for the united spirit in all of us .

                                     Mrs. Amina Akmoun